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Watanabe Signal Converter

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New Compact Plug-in Signal Converter WSPF

Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu Watanabe WSPF

★ Fine zero & span adjustment by 15 turn trimmer

★ Zero & span adjustment ±10% full scale

★ Safe design by dielectric strength of 3000Vac

★ Compatible with 30Vdc power supply voltage

★ 5 years warranty, long life

★ CE approved














Compact Plug-in Signal Converter WSP

Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu Watanabe WSP

Plug-in Signal Converter WVP

Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu Watanabe WVP

Isolator WVP-IS

Isolator(Response time:25ms) WVP-DS

Isolator(Response time:200ms) WVP-DZ

Isolator(Dielectric strength of 1500Vac) WVP-DCZ

High-speed isolator(Dielectric strength of 2000Vac) WVP-DE

High-speed isolator(Dielectric strength of 1500Vac) WVP-DCE

Distributor (Current loop supply、non-isolated) WVP-DB

Distributor (Current loop supply、non-isolated) WVP-DBA

Distributor with extraction of square root (Current loop supply、non-isolated) WVP-DBR

Distributor (Current loop supply) WVP-DBZ

Distributor (Current loop supply) WVP-DBT

Thermocouple temperature converter(Response time:200ms、non-isolated) WVP-KA

Thermocouple temperature converter(Response time:200ms) WVP-□B

Thermocouple temperature converter(Response time:25ms) WVP-□C

RTD temperature converter(Response time:200ms、non-isolated) WVP-PA/PAD

RTD temperature converter(Response time:200ms) WVP-PB/PBS

RTD temperature converter(Response time:25ms) WVP-PC/PCS

RTD temperature converter(Ni508.4Ω、Response time:25ms) WVP-NC

DC converter(non-isolated) WVP-DC

Load cell converter(non isolated) WVP-LCD

Load cell converter WVP-LCS

Potentiometer converter(Response time:200ms、non-isolated) WVP-MP

Potentiometer converter(Response time:200ms) WVP-MZ

Potentiometer converter(Response time:25ms) WVP-MS

Resistance to DC converter(non-isolated) WVP-RDD

Resistance to DC converter WVP-RDS

Tachogenerator converter(non-isolated) WVP-TGD

Tachogenerator converter WVP-TGS


Plug-in Signal Converter WAP

Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu Watanabe WAP

Compact Terminal Block Signal Converter TZ

Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu Watanabe TZ

75-90. TZ series_Photo

Loop powered isolator TZ-41

Extremely small DC signal isolator TZ-1FA/5FA

Isolator TZ-1XA/5XA

Distributor (Current loop supply) TZ-5LA

Thermocouple temperature converter TZ-1CA/5CA

RTD temperature converter TZ-1AA/5AA

Potentiometer converter TZ-1BA/5BA

AC current converter(ture RMS)TZ-1DA/5DA

AC voltage converter(ture RMS)TZ-1EA/5EA

Terminal Block Signal Converter TW

Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu Watanabe TW


Isolator TW-1X                       

2-output isolator(DC power supply) TW-2X  

2-output isolator(AC power supply) TW-2XA

Universal isolator TW-4M

Distributor (Current loop supply、non-isolated) TW-1L

Temperature converter TW-1C

2-output temperature converter TW-2C

Load cell converter TW-3S    

2-output potentiometer converter TW-2B

Universal dissolved oxygen converter TW-DO                     

PH converter TW-PH

Pulse to DC converter TW-3K

Alarm setter for 2-point setting(with a LED display) TW-3RA

Ultra-slim Terminal Block Signal Converter TH

Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu Watanabe TH

 98-104. TH series_Photo


1 output/2 output

High-speed response type etc.

Distributor (Current Loop Supply)

1 output/2 output

With extraction of square root etc.

Temperature Converter


RTD (Pt) etc.

Sensor Signal Input Converter


Load cell etc.

Power/AC Input Converter

CT/PT Converter

Power Converter etc.

Pulse/Frequency Converter

Pulse scaler

2-phase pulse etc.

Alarm Setter

1 output/2 output

With LCD type etc.

Functional Unit

Ratio/bias converters

with extraction of square rooetc.

Function Modules

 ・Peak hold

Limiter etc.

AD/DA Converter

A/D Converters

D/A Converters

Signal Generator

Signal generator

Parameter generator etc.

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