Bộ hiển thị số Watanabe

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Watanabe Digital Panel Meter

Bộ hiển thị số Watanabe


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Watanabe Digital Panel Meter 

Input: DC, AC, Temperature, Frequency, Resistance, Loadcell, Process signal

Model: A1000, A2000, A5000, A6000, A7000, A8000, A9000, ATC-217, AC-911, ASG-158,...

1/8 DIN Digital Panel Meter for DC Voltage, DC Current, Process

Watanabe WPM series

★ Auto range from ±1.9999V to ±199.99V.

★ Built in excitation (sensor power supply) when process signal input.

12Vdc ±10% 100mA, 24Vdc ±10% 50mA selectable.

★ Two color display Green and Red.

★ Main LED height 18mm.

★ Easy to set setpoints by push button.

★ Power supply 100 to 240Vac.

★ DC voltage, current, Process input available.

★ 2 setpoints and 4 setpoints available.

★ D/A analog output (high response time).

★ NEMA 4 (IP66) Front bezel.

★ CE approved, RoHS compliant.

LCD digital panel meter WPMZ series


Flow rate/Flow totalizer (WPMZ-6)

TFT 2.4 inch full-color LCD display

・Display selectable. Single/dual display, vertical display, digits/bar graph/trend graph display

Language selection

・English and Japanese selectable

Various types of optional output

・Optional output : 4 point comparative output, Analog, BCD, RS232C, RS485 (Modbus) 

2-channel input dual display available

・Cost reduction by 2-channel dual display

・WPMZ can calculate between 2 inputs


 Application examples for Watanabe Digital panel meters 


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