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Wednesday, 22/04/2020 00:00

Ứng dụng đèn LED chiếu sáng trong công nghiệp đang là xu thế tất yếu, không những tăng cường độ sáng mà còn tiết kiệm đáng kể nguồn điện năng tiêu thụ, giúp giảm chi phí sản xuất, giá thành của sản phẩm từ đó gián tiếp giảm phát thái khí nhà kính, bảo vệ môi trường sống.

Với nhiều ưu điểm như quang thông sáng lớn, đa dạng mầu sắc ánh sáng phù hợp với nhiều ứng dụng, trọng lượng nhẹ và dễ dàng lắp đặt,...đèn LED chắc chắc sẽ sản phẩm phổ thông, được sử dụng ngày càng rộng rãi trong dân dụng và công nghiệp.

Hiện tại, AME ENGINEERING đang nhập khẩu và cung cấp chính hãng dòng sản phẩm đèn LED mang thương hiệu NIKKI của hãng NIKE MACHINERY CO.,LTD như: đèn led chống thấm, đèn led chống bụi, đèn led cảnh báo, cột led chống thấm,... Với thiết kế chuyên biệt cho nhiều ứng dụng đặc thù trong Công nghiệp, NIKKI sẽ mang đến nhiều sự lựa chọn đèn LED với chi phí đầu tư hợp lý cho khách hàng.

Một số sản phẩm đèn NIKKI do AME ENGINEERING cung cấp như sau:

*** Trích dẫn nguồn:

Dustproof and waterproof LED lighting -Flat LED light

Dustproof and waterproof LED lighting フ ラ ッ ト type
✔️ NLE series
✔️ NLF series
✔️ NLW series
✔️ NLUP series

Using high-power LED, energy saving, high brightness, long life and maintenance-free. The flat design is suitable for installation in narrow places. The protection grade is IP67 (dustproof and waterproof), which is most suitable for the internal lighting of machine tools.

LED tube light

LED tube light
✔️ NLM series
✔️ NLL3 series

The use of high-power LED has many advantages such as power saving, high brightness and long life. The light source is not easy to be hot. It is recommended to directly replace the traditional fluorescent lamp. Cylindrical glass outer tube is highly translucent and waterproof.

Slim LED light

T2, T4, T5 LED lights
✔️ NLT2 series
✔️ NLT3 series
✔️ NLT4 series

The ultra-thin LED lighting can be installed even in narrow spaces. The outer shell is PC polycarbonate, light weight, and has excellent impact resistance.
The protection grade is IP65 (waterproof / dustproof), and it can be used even in wet environments. Ideal for control panel lighting and auxiliary lights in factories.

Concentrated LED lamp series

Concentrated LED lamp series
✔️ NLS03 series
✔️ NLS05 series

The use of high-power LED has many advantages such as power saving, high brightness and long life. Magnetic seat type, can be used on metal such as iron plate. The standard wiring is equipped with a plug, which is convenient to move and is a working lamp with multiple uses.


✔️ NLU series
✔️ NLUD series

This is a surface-emitting LED working light using a light guide plate. The dazzling light-emitting characteristics of the LED are emitted through the light guide plate, presenting a uniform and soft light-emitting surface without irritating the eyes.

It is most suitable for LED lighting for inspection lighting, such as inspecting processed products for scratches and inspecting coating unevenness.

Work equipment and inspection lighting


✔️ NLU series
✔️ NLUD series

The light guide type LED lighting device has a uniform light emitting surface, and can be used for lighting in machinery equipment or inspection lights. The built-in constant current device does not have different illuminance due to changes in input voltage.

Magnetic seat LED light

Magnetic seat LED light
✔️ BM series

The magnetic base LED lamp can be used on metal such as iron plate. The use of sturdy metal snake tube, small swing, easy to adjust the lighting angle.
It can be used for a variety of applications, such as additional lighting for machine tools and on-site work lighting.

Desktop LED work light

Clip LED lighting
✔️ BT series

Clamp-type LED lamp It can be used in various occasions, table lamp of home, office, factory workbench.

LED lighting for work and inspection

LED magnifying glass lamp

LED magnifying glass for inspection
✔️ NLLP series

Using large optical white glass, the visual field can be comfortable and clear. There are two types of magnification: 1.75x and 2.25x. The LED lighting is arranged in a circular arrangement, and the field of vision can be comfortable and clear during operation without shadows. Suppresses the glare peculiar to LED, the light is not easy to reflect, and will not cause fatigue to the eyes. Because it does not flicker and shine, it is suitable for photographing and checking items

Factory and environmental lighting

LED patio lighting

LED patio lighting
✔️ NLH series

It is most suitable for use in factories, warehouses or large-scale work machines. It is equipped with LED lighting devices that protect against lightning surges and prevent flicker. Compared with the previous mercury lamps, it can achieve the advantages of energy saving, long life and no maintenance. With the built-in constant current power supply, even if the input voltage fluctuates, the illuminance will not change. The protection level is IP67 (dustproof and waterproof), which can prevent the dust or oil smoke generated in the equipment from invading the lamp.

Straight tube LED lighting

Straight tube LED lighting for オ フ ィ ス
✔️ NLT8 series

Compared with the traditional 40W fluorescent lamp, the NLT8 series lamps can increase the vertical illuminance (1m) by 50%. In the case of an ambient temperature of 40 ° C, the service life can reach 40,000 hours, which is more excellent in maintenance performance. The lamp body is made of polycarbonate (PC), which is lighter in weight and will not break even if it is dropped. Use the same G13 lamp cap as the traditional lamp specifications, skip the starter and ballast on the wiring, and install the product without replacing the base. This product has a luminous angle of 220 degrees and a wide irradiation range.

LED flood light

LED flood light for field operation
✔️ NLFL series

Equipped with anti-lightning protection and anti-flashing LED flood light. It is most suitable for advertising billboard lighting or parking lot lighting or factory or warehouse lighting. The original design of the protection circuit has a protective effect against inrush current or surge or instantaneous power failure, and has a highly insulated safety design. The weight of the lighting lamp is 1.9kg, which is quite light and easy to carry.

Tandem LED light

Linked LED lighting for field operations
✔️ NLPW series

Linked LED task light with anti-lightning protection and anti-flicker circuit. It is suitable for large manufacturing factories such as warehouses, construction sites, event venues, automobiles, ships, industrial machinery, etc., because it has an internal series connection function (the same model can connect up to 15 lamps), which is quite suitable for use in places requiring a wide range of lighting applications.

Rechargeable LED lighting

Rechargeable LED lights
✔️ NLB-V series
✔️ NLB-R series

Handheld rechargeable LED lighting can be used for emergency equipment inspection, event lighting and disaster prevention lighting,
charging time is 2.5 hours. The shell material is made of PVC polycarbonate, which is light and not easy to break. It can illuminate a wide range of natural light, and the LED has less glare ... and so on.

Rechargeable LED lighting

Rechargeable LED lighting
✔️ NLB-G series

The body is made of glass tube material; waterproof LED lighting with cutting fluid resistance, acid and alkali solvents, and built-in battery ;.
In addition, the built-in battery does not need to be connected to the wire when it is used. It can be installed anywhere in the machine through the base magnet.
Equipped with protection circuits against overcharge, overdischarge and high temperature.

Rechargeable LED flood light

Rechargeable LED flood light

The rechargeable LED floodlight uses a high-efficiency lithium-ion battery with a maximum continuous lighting time of 20 hours. The flood light is made of aluminum alloy, which is very strong, light and easy to carry. In addition, due to rain protection, it can be used safely even in rainy days.

Warning Light

Multilayer LED warning light

Game machine warning light
✔️ NLA50 series

Use LED warning lights made of high-brightness LEDs. Available in five colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and white. With effective light reflection, to ensure high alertness. According to the needs of various customers, the LED light layer can be freely combined. It is most suitable for use as a status indicator and warning light for industrial equipment.

Layered warning light

Layered warning light
✔️ NLA65 series

Lightweight and streamlined LED multi-layer warning light, using high-efficiency and high-efficiency LED, with bright illumination, light weight, low price and other characteristics. The warning light (indicator light) has five luminous colors of red, yellow, green, blue, and white, and various light colors can be arranged and combined arbitrarily, up to five layers. The transparent lamp shell design, the color is clearly visible. Has good shock resistance.

Light guide column type LED warning light

Light guide column type LED warning light
✔️ NLA70 series

The red, yellow and green warning lights glow through the light guide column. Light is emitted through the light guide column, and through the transparent shell, the light emitting surface can be easily seen from all angles. The protection circuit design developed by ourselves has protection against inrush current or surge or instantaneous power failure. And through the vibration test, insulation resistance test, is a very safe design. The foldable base design can be folded even when installed on the machine. By adjusting the angle, the trouble of disassembling the warning light during the transportation of the previous machine can be removed.

Một số hình ảnh thực tế sản phẩm AME đã cung cấp:

Waterproof LED Spotlight NLSM05C-DC DC24V 5W

Waterproof LED Spotlight NLSM05C-AC AC100-240V 6W




NIKKI Lamp (1)

NIKKI Lamp (2)




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