AME Engineering: Phân phối cảm biến nhiệt độ Okazaki Japan

Wednesday, 05/06/2019 00:00

AME Engineeing phân phối chính hãng cảm biến nhiệt độ Okazaki Japan tại Việt nam - Okazaki Vietnam Distributor.

"Since 1954, we have been at the forefront of our field – pushing the boundaries and actively pursuing new technologies to take our product development and the industry to new levels. Our history of innovation spans decades – from 1963 when we developed our metal sheathed MgO insulated resistance thermometer, RESIOPAK, which has since been replicated by manufacturers from around the world, right through to the present day and our most recent development of the smallest thermocouple at a diameter thinner than that of a human hair for which we now hold a world record."

***Trích dẫn nguồn Okazaki website:

Cảm biến nhiệt độ  Okazaki  - Hay còn gọi can nhiệt Okazaki có độ chính xác và tính tin cậy cao, có khả năng hoạt động tốt trong môi trường đo khắc nghiệt. Đồng thời, Okazaki MFG cũng là hãng sản xuất can nhiệt với thị phần số 1 Japan.

(Okazaki temperature sensor - Highly accurate and reliable temperature sensors capable of operating in extreme environments.)

Okazaki Thermocouple – Can nhiệt Okazaki

Model: Okazaki T35

Model: Okazaki T90

Model: Okazaki T96N

Model: Okazaki T97N

Model: Okazaki T99N

Model: Okazaki TC

Model: Okazaki TCW 

(Ex: Okazaki TCW-1-EL1000D2K901-22P4)

Model: Okazaki TCP

Model: Okazaki TCG

Okazaki Resistance Thermometer Detector - Cảm biến nhiệt độ Okazaki PT100

Model: Okazaki R35

Model: Okazaki R90

Model: Okazaki R96N

Model: Okazaki R97N

Model: Okazaki R99N

Model: Okazaki RBN

Model: Okazaki RBW

Model: Okazaki RBG


1. Okazaki Pt100 Class B 1mA S/N: AS009431

2. Okazaki Pt100 Class B 2mA S/N: AS074372

3. Okazaki Pt100 Class B 1mA S/N: UR-07464H43

4. Okazaki Pt100 Class IEC A 1mA S/N: TS75291

5. Okazaki Pt100 Class A 1mA S/N: TS101401

6. Okazaki Pt100 Class B 2mA S/N: GG071695

7. Okazaki Pt100 Drawings R4-41047

8. Okazaki Pt100 R96N/TW40B

9. Okazaki Pt100 Drawings FR402274

10. Okazaki TC J Class 2 S/N: ABG045033

11. Okazaki TC K Drawings T4A67916

12. Okazaki TC K Drawings FT411825B

13. Okazaki S/N: TB60781

14. Okazaki TC K S/N: TB78303

15. Okazaki TC K S/N: TA20283

16. Okazaki Pt100 Class A 1mA S/N: TS301416

17. Okazaki TC K type, Class 2, S/N: UB060403T0594, Model: K500-16-2BYS-8M (5M), Sheath Length L=500mm, Lead Cable S=8000mm

18. Okazaki TC R type, Class: 2, S/N GG54916, Protect Tube Material: KU50

19. Okazaki Pt100x 2, Class A 1mA, S/N: AS058252, Temp. range: -30 to 200oC

20. Okazaki Pt100, Class B 1mA, S/N: AS71947

21. Okazaki Pt100 R4G10118

22. Okazaki Pt100 sensor UR50638Q 

23. Okazaki Pt100 sensor UR50970Q

24. Okazaki R96W-1-EL-2900-F-6-N-100-A-15-C/2800

25. Okazaki R96W-1-EL-4400-F-6-N-100-A-15-C/4200

26. Okazaki Pt100x2 sensor Class A S/N: ABSK010307 

27. Okazaki Temperature sensor Pt100Ω 1mA, S/N: UR-07465H2

28. Okazaki Temperature sensor Pt100Ω 1mA, S/N: UR-07464H11 

29. Okazaki Temperature sensor Pt100Ω 1mA, S/N: UR-07464H12

30. Okazaki Thermocouple type J, Class 2, Sheath material SS316, S/N: ABK046803

31. Okazaki Thermocouple type J, Class 2, Sheath material SS316, S/N: ABK046742



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