Azbil BC-R series: Bộ điều khiển đốt hiệu năng cao thế hệ mới

Wednesday, 05/06/2019 00:00

Bằng việc ngừng sản xuất bộ điều khiển đốt (Protectorelay) thế hệ cũ như R4780, R4750, R4715, R4424, R4440H, RA890,… Azbil (Yamatake) đưa ra thị trường dòng sản phẩm bộ điều khiển đốt (Burner Controller) hiệu năng cao thế hệ mới BC-R series với nhiều tính năng kỹ thuật nổi bật.


The BC-R series features combustion safety burner controllers used exclusively for batch operation (for combustion equipment that shuts down at least once per 24-hour period). 

Safe (Tính năng An Toàn)

Compliant with JIS standards (which conform to international standards)

Appropriate prepurge and ignition timing is provided in compliance with JIS B 8407 2012 ("Forced Draft Burners") and JIS B 8415 2008 ("General Safety Code for Industrial Combustion Furnaces"), ensuring the safety of combustion equipment and combustion facilities


Easy to See (Dễ dàng theo dõi với màn hình hiển thị LED 7 thanh)

Combustion sequence and alarm information can be seen on the main panel.
The combustion sequence is shown on the 7-segment display. The flame voltage can be seen by pressing the DISP switch. When there is an alarm, the alarm code is shown on the 7-segment display along with the combustion sequence. Alarm details can also be displayed.


Easy to Understand, Easy to Use (Vận hành dễ dàng)

Operating state of the burner controller can be ascertained at a glance
The monitor output distinguishes between ignition failure and flame-out, so the alarm situation can be easily understood.


Tích hợp truyền thông RX-485

With a host communication (RX-485) function and Smart Loader Package, detailed operation monitoring and troubleshooting are possible (BC-R25/35 series only).


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