NLS03 Series

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Waterproof LED Spotlight NLS03 Series

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Waterproof LED Spotlight NLS03 Series

The body of NLS03 series made of plastic has high insulation and that of NLS05 series composed of aluminum indicates high heat dissipation and high strength performance. By using constant current drive, our products have a steady brightness even with varying voltage, which increases LED lifetime. A unique protection circuit prevents LED lights from inrush current, surge, and instantaneous power failure. Our products have passed insulation tests and suitable for machinery apply. The high reliable well-known LED are used.
Applications: lighting outside machine tool,...

・Conformity Standards: PSEceFCCREACH RoHS

・Color Temperature, CCT:5700K (standard); 4000K (options)

・Lifetime:40,000 hrs. at 40℃, L70

・Operation Temp.:-10℃ to +40℃ ( unfrozen )

・Power Cable:AC/DC 3 m ( VCTF 0.75 mm² x2C )

・Protection Ratings: IP65 ( lamp housing only )

・Mounting Bracket ( AL-23 )

・Mounting Bracket ( AL-28B )

・Cable With Plug 2 m

・Touch Sensor Switch ( TS ) 03C Series Only

Specification (Standard Type):

Model Luminous Flux Illuminance(1m) Input Voltage Wattage
NLSS03C-DC 430 lm 1,750 lx DC24V 5 W
NLSS03C-AC 430 lm 1,750 lx 100 V - 240 V AC 6 W
NLSM03C-DC 430 lm 1,750 lx DC24V 5 W
NLSM03C-AC 430 lm 1,750 lx 100 V - 240 V AC 6 W






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