NLT3 Series

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Slim LED Lights NLT3 Series

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Slim LED Lights NLT3 Series

By using the DOB technology to place LED drivers on the LED board, this series has been slimmer than the NLT 2 series. This series is glare-free LED lighting, in which milky white cover makes light emission in uniform. By using constant current drive, our products have a steady brightness even with varying voltage which increases LED lifetime. The unique design of protection circuit, prevents LED lights from inrush current, surge, and instantaneous power failure. NLT 3 series is a safety design with high insulation performance. The high reliable well-known LED are used.

Applications: lighting in control panel, indoor lighting, refrigerated warehouse,...

・Conformity Standards:ceFCCPSERoHS

・Color Temperature, CCT:5,700K

・Lifetime:60,000 hrs. at 25℃ , L70

・Operation Temp.:-40℃ to +40℃ ( unfrozen )

・Protection Ratings:IP65

・Power Cable:3 m ( AWG26 x 2C )

・Cover:Milky White

・Mounting Magnet ( ND-P03 )

・AC Power Adapter ( ND-PM243 )

・Operation Temp.:-10℃ to +40℃ ( unfrozen )

Model code:

Model Luminous Flux Illuminance(1m) Input Voltage Wattage
NLT3-05-DC 280 lm 90 lx DC24V 1.8W
NLT3-10-DC 560 lm 180 lx DC24V 3.8W
NLT3-20-DC 1,090 lm 340 lx DC24V 7.5W
NLT3-30-DC 1,660 lm 500 lx DC24V 12W
NLT3-40-DC 2,280 lm 690 lx DC24V 16W
NLT3-05-DC-S 230 lm 60 lx DC24V 1.8W
NLT3-10-DC-S 440 lm 110 lx DC24V 3.8W
NLT3-20-DC-S 910 lm 230 lx DC24V 7.5W
NLT3-30-DC-S 1,400 lm 360 lx DC24V 12W
NLT3-40-DC-S 1,920 lm 490 lx DC24V 16W
NLT3-05-AC-S 230 lm 60 lx AC100 - 240V 2.5W
NLT3-10-AC-S 440 lm 110 lx AC100 - 240V 5W

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