Rơ le thời gian CAHO T484 series

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Rơ le thời gian CAHO T484 series

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Rơ le thời gian CAHO T484 series - CAHO T484 Timer

FEATURES (Đặc điểm chung của Rơ le thời gian CAHO T484)
1. Can be used as count up and count down timer.
2. Wide time range selectable in the following formats: 999 (hour), 999 (min), 999 (sec), 99.5 (h.m.), 99.5 (m.s.)
3. External contact start-up can be set as: immediate start-up and standby start-up.
4. Accessible time adjustments even during in the operation mode.
5. Selectable time-end mode: time hold, time reset and auto-run mode.
6. Interchangeable output contact: A contact, B contact, C contact flicker
7. Time-start methods: manual start, during power-on, external contacts
8. Output operation mode: time limit (1C) ,2 time limit (2C),instantaneous+time limit.

T484 series

SPECIFICATION (Thông số kỹ thuật):

- Timing accuracy:±0.05%
- Function type:Timer
- Contact Output:Relay 250V/3A
- Input Power:AC 220V 50/60 Hz (AC 110V; AC/DC 24V: OPTIONAL)
- Setting Mode:(Hour),(Min),(Sec),(Hour.Min),(Min.Sec)
- Ordering Code:T484 (48mm*48mm only)
- Ambient Temperature:-10~55℃, below 90% humidity

Application: Food Machinery, Shoe Machinery, High Temperature Furnace, Packing Machinery, Bakery Oven, Coating Machinery...etc.

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