Can nhiệt Watanabe Japan (Thermocouple)

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Can nhiệt Watanabe Japan (Thermocouple)

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T01 series: Straight Thermocouple with Terminal

T01 is the simplest shape thermocouple with a terminal box. By combining loose flanges (LFL) and compression fittings (CFG), it can be used for temperature measurement as an insert type that allows adjustment of the protection tube length.

★ With Connection head and terminal
★ Simple straight type
★ Please contact for special specifications

T01 series

T02 series: Thermocouple With terminal and Thread fitting

T02 is a screw­in type thermocouple that can be used in various applications such as furnaces up to 1200 °C and flue.
The standard screws are taper pipe threads (R) and parallel pipe threads (G), but other types of threads can be produced.

T02 series


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