Bộ điều khiển căn biên EPC-GX8

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Bộ điều khiển căn biên EPC-GX8

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Bộ điều khiển căn biên EPC-GX8


EPC-GX8 Correction Control System

Product introduction:
EPC-GX8 microcomputer correction controller is composed of high-precision chip and integrated circuit, which has the characteristics of strong anti-interference, high reliability, and long service life. The AC synchronous motor is used as the correcting drive, and the transmission type photoelectric eye or the reflective photoelectric eye is used to form an automatic photoelectric correction control system. The automatic photoelectric correction control system has the characteristics of fast correction response speed, large thrust, high correction accuracy, etc. , and can be widely used in printing, packaging and other machinery for automatic correction control.

Controller specification, size, installation method:

Model EPC-GX8
Power supply AC: 185-265V 50/60Hz
Electric eye control method Single electric eye / double electric eye
Detection method Edge/line inspection
Way to control Automatic/automatic centering/manual
Working environment Temperature -10-50℃/humidity below 90%RH
Installation method Embedded/Vertical/Wall-mounted
Weight 0.7KG
Dimensions 180mm×110mm×137mm (W×H×D)
Hole Size 165mm×103mm×130mm (width × height × depth)

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