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Variable resistor Tocos - Biến trở Tocos RV24YN

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Variable resistor Tocos - Biến trở Tocos RV24YN


-  24mm diameter, single-turn industrial panel controls    

- Carbon film element    

- Linear or audio tapers  

- Single, tandem and triple units, single shaft; dual unit, dual shaft    

- SPST or SPDT switch with 1A or 3A rating  

 - Shaft lock and center tap models    

- Metal shaft and bushing  

- Panel mount only    

- Right angle ear-lug terminals  

- 6mm diameter shafts in slot, flat or round end styles    

- Standard 15mm or 20mm shaft length

Selection Guide - model thường dùng như:

Tocos RV24YN20SB500

Tocos RV24YN20SB101

Tocos RV24YN20SB201

Tocos RV24YN20SB501

Tocos RV24YN20SB102

Tocos RV24YN20SB202

Tocos RV24YN20SB502

Tocos RV24YN20SB103

Tocos RV24YN20SB203

Tocos RV24YN20SB503

Tocos RV24YN20SA500

Tocos RV24YN20SA101

Tocos RV24YN20SA201

Tocos RV24YN20SA501

Tocos RV24YN20SA102

Tocos RV24YN20SA202

Tocos RV24YN20SA502

Tocos RV24YN20SA103

Tocos RV24YN20SA203

Tocos RV24YN20SA503

Tocos RV24YN20SC500

Tocos RV24YN20SC101

Tocos RV24YN20SC201

Tocos RV24YN20SC501

Tocos RV24YN20SC102

Tocos RV24YN20SC202

Tocos RV24YN20SC502

Tocos RV24YN20SC103

Tocos RV24YN20SC203

Tocos RV24YN20SC503

Tocos RVT24YN20SB500

Tocos RVT24YN20SB101

Tocos RVT24YN20SB201

Tocos RVT24YN20SB501

Tocos RVT24YN20SB102

Tocos RVT24YN20SB202

Tocos RVT24YN20SB502

Tocos RVT24YN20SB103

Tocos RVT24YN20SB203

Tocos RVT24YN20SB503


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