Van điện từ UD series

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UD series is direct-acting, conductive, and normally closed (NC) 2/2 way solenoid valve.

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- UD series is direct-drive, conductive, open type.
- Valve body made of forged brass.
- UD can be operated directly without pressure difference.
- Small size and easy assembly.
- Standard voltage: AC110V/AC220V/DC24V(50/60Hz)
- AC Voltage tolerance: ±10%. DC voltage tolerance: ±1%.
- Screwed end to: BSPT, NPT or BSP.
- Other special AC/DC voltages can be made to client's order.
- In case use for special fluid, please state the type of fluid with your order (such as gas, vacuum, diesel oil, gasoline).
- In case fluid temperature must be range of 130℃, you may order Viton, Silicon materials.

UD series 2

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