Mitsubishi GOT1000 Series

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Mitsubishi GOT Series

The touch sensitive control screen, which greatly facilitates data entry and parameter editing, is one of the most popular features of the GOT operator terminals. Many users find the easy touch screen operation and flexible use enhance their HMI projects.mple to operate.

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Mitsubishi HMI GOT1000 Series - Products range:

Powerful Technology

The GOT 1000 Series has been designed with the needs of the user in mind. For example:

- Diagnostics functions
- Transparent Mode
- Flexible Program Storage
- High Resolution Screens
- High Speed Processing

In addition to the wide ranging support for Mitsubsihi’s PLC’s, frequency inverters and servo amplifiers, GOT 1000 series can also be connected to an increasing range of automation products from other manufacturers. This enables users to build a common visualisation strategy for their operation independantly of the control solution used.

Product Range includes:

GT10, GT11-15, GT12 and GT16. You can use the navigation on the left to find out more information


GOT1000 Series: 

1. GT10 series: GT1020, GT1030, GT1040, GT1045, GT1050, GT1055

2. GT11 series: GT1150, GT1155, GT1150HS, GT1155HS

3. GT12 series: Cost Effective, Large-Size, Built-In Ethernet

4. GT14 series: GT1450-QLBDE, GT1455-QTBDEGT14-RS2T4-9P, GT14-C10EXUSB-4S

5. GT15 series: GT1550, GT1555, GT1562, GT1565, GT1572, GT1575, GT1575V, GT1585/GT1595, GT1585V

6. GT16 series: GT1665M, GT1675M, GT1685M, GT1695M

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