Module điều khiển nhiệt độ SRZ

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SRZ Module Type Digital Temperature Controller

(Module điều khiển nhiệt độ loại SRZ series)

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SRZ Module Type Digital Temperature Controller (Module Type)

1. Ultra Compact Type - Requires Substantially less Panel Space 
2. 4 CT Inputs 4 CH Controls in One Module
3. High-Speed Communication with Large Systems,
Program-less Connections to PLCs
4. Temperature Uniformity at Ramp-up (Auto-Temperature Rise Function)
5. Multi-Loop Profile Control (Output Ratio Distribution Function)
6. External Disturbance Suppression with Auto Tuning (EDS)
7. Easy Parameter Setup via USB Loader Port with WIN-UCI Software
(Loader Communication)
8. Easy Data Monitoring and Logging with WIN-UCI Software

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