Fuji Paperless Recorders
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Fuji Paperless Recorders

Enjoy clear, continuous six-color inkjet recording - A product of FUJI's advanced technology

Enjoy clear, continuous six-color inkjet recording - A product of FUJI's advanced technology

FUJI recently introduced an inkjet technology that incorporates piezo elements in a microjet recorder for use in industrial applications. The microjet recorder uses six-color channel recording having no apparent phase difference and can print many kinds of symbols, including figures and letters. The PHA model has 12 channel recording and the PHC model has six. A general-purpose, low-end PHE model is also available. The ink cartridges for all models are reusable. The interactive system makes operation easy.

With PC Support Software on Free Charge

PC software for display storage data on CRT of PC and PC loader software for parameter setting for the Recorder is delivered as standard accessory. Root extraction, Subtractions, Integration and Fvalue calculation function are also included as standard.
Operation menu with guidance display offer to ease operation. Ethernet and RS-485 is available.

Selection guide

Paperless recorder PHU model

Paperless recorder PHL model

Paperless recorder PHF model

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