Honeywell Digital Controller GH500/GH1000 Series
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Honeywell Digital Controller GH500/GH1000 Series

Honeywell Digital Controller

GH500 Series

GH1000 Series


GH1000 series

GH500 series

 High Precise Control

±0.3%FS of indication accuracy offers high precise control

 Multi Range Input

Thermocouple, RTD, Linear are available for the control input depending on user’s selection

 Automatic/Manual Operation

Automatic or manual control can be selectable by pressing the A/M key.

 Modutral Motor Operating Output

A special output type is offered in order to operate the modutral motor.

 Control Loop Break Alarm

Once any trouble from the controlled object, wrong wiring, sensor break/short come up, the on/off alarm function is performed.

 SP Ramp Function

When the SP is changed, the slope value, which was set in advance, will be applied to the control, and it prevents the undershooting and the overshooting.

 Remote Set Point

Programming contol, cascade control can be performed by the external signal input (DC 1 to 5V)

 Alarm Operation

2 alarm channels are offered, and each channel is available for the direct/reverse operations of PV, DEV and |DEV| events.

 Universal Power Supply

Operates on any line voltage from 85Vac to 264Vac at 50/60Hz

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