Biến tần Mitsubishi FR-V500 Series
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Biến tần Mitsubishi FR-V500 Series

Biến tần Mitsubishi FR-V500 Series

1. High performance

  • Torque fluctuation due to changes in motor temperature is reduced by Adaptive Magnetic Flux Observer.
  • With simple gain tunning, the motor load inertia is estimated online and the speed control gain and position loop gain are adjusted automatically.
  • Responsiveness to speed command is improved when the Ideal Model Adaptive Speed Control is used in combination with simple gain tunning.
  • By having the Machine Analyzer measure the the machine resonance points, machine resonance can be avoided.
    (Required setup software)
  • Vector control without encoder is possible. (Special product)

2. New functions

  • Simple position control with contact inputs is possible.
  • The motor responsiveness to change in the speed command is improved for speed forward control.
  • High precision operation is possible with the 16-bit high resolution analog input and 16-bit digital input options.
  • Minimum speed setting increment is 0.1r/min.
  • 15kW and below inverter have built-in brake transistor. 5.5kW and below have built-in brake resistor.

3. Complete network compliance

  • FR-V5NS option for SSCNET communication. Synchronous operation is possible.
  • Compatible with Ethernet communication by the FR-V5NE option. It is possible to monitor and manage together from the office through LAN.
  • Compatible with other networks with communication options. (CC-Link, RS-485, DeviceNetTM, Profibus-DP, Modbus Plus)

Model Configuration

Vector inverter


  200V class FR-V520-1.5K to 55K
  400V class FR-V540-1.5K to 55K



  200V class FR-V520L-75K
  400V class FR-V540L-75K to 250K


Dedicated motor


  200V class SF-V5R1.5K to 55K
  400V class SF-V5RH1.5K to 55K



  200V class SF-THY 75kW
  400V class SF-THY 75kW to 250kW



  Control method : V/F control, vector control
  Supply Voltage : 200V class...3-phase 200 to 220V 50Hz, 200 to 240V 60Hz (1.5K to 15K)
    200V class...3-phase 200 to 220V 50Hz, 200 to 230V 60Hz (18.5K to 55K)
    200V class...3-phase 200 to 230V 50Hz/60Hz (75K)
    400V class...3-phase 380 to 480V 50Hz/60Hz (1.5K to 55K, 75K to 250K)
  Speed control range : 0 to 3000r/min (1.5 to 45kW for dedicated motor)
    0 to 2400r/min (55/75kW for dedicated motor)
    0 to 1800r/min (90 to 250kW for dedicated motor)
  Setting signal : 0 to 10VDC, 0 to +/-10V
  Operation unit : FR-DU04-1 (standard) or FR-PU04V (option)
  Protective/alarm functions : Overcurrent shut-off, regenerative overvoltage shut-off, electronic thermal relay function, stall prevention, etc.
  Built-in options : FR-V5AX (High resolution analog input/Extra contact input/Thermistor interface)
    FR-V5AY (Additional open collector output/PLG pulse division output)
    FR-V5AP (Position control)
    FR-V5AM (Machine end PLG orientation control)
    FR-V5AH (16-bit digital input)
    FR-V5NE (Ethernet)
    FR-A5AX (12-bit digital input)
    FR-A5AY (Digital output/Extension analog output)
    FR-A5AR (Relay output)
    FR-A5AP (Orientation/Pulse train intput)
    FR-A5NR (Computer link/Relay output)
    FR-A5NPA (Profibus-DP)
    FR-A5ND (Device NetTM)
    FR-A5NC (CC-Link)
    FR-A5NM (Modbus Plus)
    T-TRC50 (Trace card)


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