Honeywell Universal Controller UDC Series
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Honeywell Universal Controller UDC Series
Efficient, Effective, Easy Efficient operation of your process demands accurate control at a cost effective price. 
General Purpose Controllers
Efficient, Effective, Easy Efficient operation of your process demands accurate control at a cost effective price. Honeywell addresses these needs with a line of general purpose controllers at competitive prices. Included are temperature controllers with relay outputs for on-off control of ovens, and controllers with analog outputs to position actuators, valves and speed couplings.The UDC 700 1/32 DIN controller is your easy choice for applications where panel space is limited. Other features on selected models are digital inputs, alarm outputs and RS485 ASCII or Modbus communication.
Available on Selected Models: 
• Single or Dual Loop Control to match your needs
• Universal analog inputs for easy installation
• Analog or Digital outputs to control your process
• Digital outputs for alarming
• Digital inputs for selecting control functions
• Dial based operator interface
• NEMA 4 / IP66 front face for outside installation
• 1/32 to 1/4 DIN size to adapt to your panel
• RS 485 ASCII or Modbus for easy networking
New UDC2500 & UDC3200 Universal Digital Controllers
Easy to Install, Easy to Configure, Easy to Operate and Easy to Own Built on a legacy of performance and reliability, our new controllers deliver even more power, more flexibility and higher performance.
• Infrared PC & Pocket PC Configuration 
• NEMA 4X, IP65 Front Face Protection
• Accutune III
• Ethernet & Modbus Communications
Typical Applications:
• Metals, Glass, Ceramics, Plastics
• Food and Beverage
• Furnaces and Ovens
• Packaging
• Painting and Coating Description
***UDC Series Model: UDC100, UDC600, UDC700, UDC1000, UDC1200, UDC1700, UDC1500, UDC2000, UDC2500, UDC3200, UDC3300, UDC3500, UDC5000, UDC6300...
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